Trotting Soles

Making a Difference

Making a difference

We have always firmly believed in mindful travel. It is not just about ticking countries off your list, but about savouring the uniqueness of each country. Over the years we have seen the negative impacts of over tourism suffered by countries. The pandemic brought all of it to a grinding halt and has provided us with the opportunity to start afresh. Here’s our chance to do things differently. In doing so, we reiterate travelling with an open mind.

We work with countries that have seen political instability, faced wars and those where tourism is in its nascent stages. While we strive to maintain a high level of service in every country we offer tours to, there can be those rare instances where things don’t go as per plan due to circumstances beyond control. We request your support and understanding at such times.

Being responsible and sustainable is at the heart of what we do, but do spare a thought for those who are trying to make a livelihood after being through harsh circumstances. For someone struggling to get back on their feet, things like waste management or avoiding use of disposable plastic products may be far from their minds.

We must help create the awareness. Immersive travel is a two way leaning process, it is not just we who get to learn about different cultures, but also the people based there, for many of whom meeting a foreigner is their only exposure to a world beyond their boundaries.

Travel responsibly, make it rewarding for the people you visit as well as for yourself.

A small step today will make a big difference tomorrow!